Wednesday, December 08, 2010


by Kris Hankins

Coaster Calendar

Time is just flying by and it’s almost time to get calendars out for the New Year. I designed this style of calendar a couple of years ago using a coloring technique I created. This is my latest version of a coaster calendar that I made just to share here with you.



  • Coloring Technique

    • The coloring technique I used on these coasters is created by using blank coasters, Glimmer Mists, a spritz of water, a dry paper towel, and a non-stick craft mat.

    • Start by spritzing your coaster with an even, light layer of water mist. Don’t “wet” it.

    • Next, spray one or two spritzs of each glimmer mist color on your non-stick craft mat (use a maximum of 2-3 colors.
      Spray them near each other (not on top of each other) holding the bottles about 6 inches from mat.
      Keep this in an area about 8” x 8”.

    • Spray a light single misting of water over the top of the mists.
      Your mists should be beading up on the non-stick mat.
      Using your fresh, crunched up paper towel, lightly swipe the glimmer mists on the mat in a zigzag motion.
      Do this just 2-3 times.
      Don’t mix the colors too much.

    • Lay your damp coaster in the glimmer mists.
      Do not move the coaster once you lay it down – just lay it down and leave for several seconds and then pull it up.

    • For a second coaster, leave the remaining glimmer mists on your mat.
      Wipe your mat once lightly with your paper towel as if you were going to wipe it clean.
      Make sure your 2nd coaster has been spritzed lightly with water.
      Lay it down in the remaining glimmer mists.
      When you pull it up, you should get a more striped affect with more white background than with the first coaster.

    • Let Dry.

  • Calendar Instructions

    • First, pick out your favorite Prima flowers, leaves and embellishments.

    • From a scrap of green cardstock, cut a mat for your stick-on calendar.
      I embellished this with some clear crystals.

    • In the upper corner of my calendar I attached a large Prima Calcutta burlap leaf and two small leaves under the flowers.

    • Next, I attached my large Prima Winter Rose.
      These are so pretty as they have been dusted with sugar-like crystals.

    • I finished the cluster off by adding colorful Prima mini-roses.

    • I also added some light touches of stickles (crystal) to some of the edges of the flowers and leaves.
      This seemed to really look nice with the shimmering background made from the Glimmer Mists.

    • For the back of your calendar, mark a 2” line down the center back of your 2nd coaster.
      Score this line with your bone folder.

    • Mark a diagonal line from the center end point of the first line to a point 1.25” to the side of 1st line at outer edge.
      Cut on this diagonal line with a craft knife.

    • Fold the diagonal piece on the score line to form an easel stand.
      You may want to cut a quarter inch angle on the tip of the angled piece so that the calendar leans slightly backward (see photo).

    • Attached the coasters securely together, back to back. Your calendar can store flat when not in use just by folding the easel stand inward.

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