Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tag... You're it!

For the remainder of the month the Frantic Stamper Design Team will be doing something a little different. We have all been busy making a wide variety of tags to share with you; sometimes we'll share two tags in one day. Though we are including the materials we used to make them, we won't necessarily be giving you step-by-step instructions. This gave us a chance for us to be creative during the holidays when things are a lot busier, while still, hopefully, providing you with some inspiration.

And Inspiration is what this is all about! We really hope you will be inspired to create some tags of your own.

We want to see YOUR tags. The design team will be collecting photos of your best tags for a special contest. On January 1, 2011, the team will chose and publish the photos the finalists' tags for you all to see, and to vote on. The winner will get to be a "Guest Designer" for a day on the blog, and will win a wonderful prize of merchandise from Frantic Stamper (

To participate, send a quality photo of your tag in jpeg format (please set the resolution low enough to keep the file size under 1MB), along with your name and email address to before midnight PST, December 29, 2010.

Please send only photos that you own the rights to, and be aware of copyrights of any images you use. In event of a tie in the voting, the Design team will make the final decision on the winner.

Here is the first tag in the series... an Accordion Tag with kinetic components.

by Kathy Berger

NOEL Pop-Up Accordion Tag


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Foil Coated shiny metallic foil card-stock, Gold     ( Foil Coated Gold   $0.65/sheet)
    • Foil Coated shiny metallic foil card-stock, Green     ( Foil Coated Green   $0.65/sheet)
    • Basic Grey Jovial Collection pack     ( BG-A-Jovial   $20.99) Nice, Scarf, Nipping, Winter Garden
    • Fancy Pants Rusted Sun, Pool Party     ( FP-P-195   $0.89)
    • #8 Manila "Gang of 4" Accordion Fold Tags     ( FRA-TAG-G5   $2.99)
    • #3 Manila Shipping Tags     ( FRA-TAG-S30M   $2.99)
    • Piece of light-weight typing bond, cut into three 2"x 5" strips, glued to the seams of the tags
    • White card stock scraps
  • Stamps
    • Hot Off the Press Mini Ornaments or similar mini-ornaments     ( HOTP-CSM-1051   $1.29)
    • Inkadinkado Clear stamp, Santa/Elf or similar Santa stamp     ( INK-CSM-30264   $1.99)
  • Inks and Embossing Powders
  • Embellishments
    • 1/4" Silk Ribbon, Red     ( MA-SK4-14   $0.59/yd), about 18 inches
    • Art Institute Ultra-fine Glitter, True Red     ( AIG-1-tred   $4.00)
    • Martha Stewart Flocking, Swan White     ( MSC-FL-Swan   $3.99)
    • Aleene's True Snow craft paste     (
    • Embroidered letters from fabric store, N, O, E, and L
  • Tools
  • Adhesives
  • Other
    • Standard Brass Office Brad
    • 4 gummed hole reinforcers


  • The accordion tags are attached to each other only at the top and bottom edges.
    To reinforce them, I added a narrow panel of typing bond over the seam between the tags prior to covering the tags with designer papers.

  • To put the holes back in the tags after covering the tags with paper, I punched them from the back side so I could align my holes with the original ones.
    I added gummed hole reinforcers to the front to highlight and protect the holes I had just punched.

  • The little tag on the far left panel slides up inside the chimney to reveal a stamped and flocked Santa Claus.
    The tag slides on a cut slit in a hidden panel under the visible chimney so that the tag pulls straight up and can't be completely removed from the chimney.

  • The pop-up gifts are simple to make.
    Start with a strip of cardstock as wide as you want the box to be high, and 4 times as long as you want the gift to be wide, plus a quarter of an inch.
    (For example, if you want a box that is 1 inch wide and 2 inches high, start with a strip that is 2 inches wide and 4 1/4 inch long.)
    On the right side of the cardstock, score the strip at the width increments across the length of the strip.
    (In our example, that would mean scores at 1, 2, 3, and 4 inches.)
    Mountain fold the strip at the score lines, and use adhesive to attach the 1/4" tab to the first panel of the strip, to form an open box.
    Glue the open box into a valley fold of the card or tag using a strong adhesive, making sure a corner of the box fits tightly into the fold.
    Add ribbons and bows as shown in the photo

  • The tree garland at the top of the center panels was formed by gluing a strip of cardstock across the top of the panels.
    The strip is the exact length needed to stop the card from opening further than to a 90° angle so that the gift boxes beneath it are popped open to their perfect positions.
    The strip is folded in the center so it folds to the inside the tags when closed.
    The strip is covered with punched out tree branches for camoflauge and decoration.
    The little stamped and cut out ornaments were hung from the branches, attached with glue only at their tops so they will dangle.

  • The reindeer "leaps" over the trees in the final panel of the tag on a circle attached to the tag with a brass tab.
    The circle has a tab attached to it as a handle to spin the disc, and is prevented from moving too far by a "stop" (a foam dot that gets in the way of further motion.)
I hope you have enjoyed my first tag for our "Tag, you're it" special presentation.

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