Friday, May 13, 2011

Bottle of Love (Design Team Project)

by Sharon Jeffs

Bottle of Love

The gift to give to those you love.

I love May. It's that special month in the year when you get to celebrate that special lady in your life who made you who you are, made everything better when it all went south and listened when you needed to fire off at someone. Your mum.

My mum has always been there for me, even when I didn't want her to be. She stood by me during those rebellious teen years and forgave me for everything I ever put her through without a second thought. Which is why this is such a special time to me, especially now that I have my own children who I how will value their mum as much as I do mine.

So, what do you give someone who has everything and has nothing they really want?

I decided to create that unique gift that came personally from me.

I began by painting the inside of the bottle with pink paint. Once the paint was dry enough for the bottle to be played with, I took out a scrap of sponge and Gold Paint and sponged this randomly over the outside of the bottle.

For a bit of bling, I threaded an assortment of beads onto clear bead string and tied this around the neck of the bottle and fastened it with a secure knot. As a person who loves to decorate anything that sits too long, I couldn't leave the cork as it was so I adhered a flower to the top and added more beads to a decorative pin that I stuck through the cork.

Finally, I created a card by folding a scrap in half and stamping it with an inchie stamp from the Frantic Stamper store then colored it. To personalise my gift I printed a poem onto a piece of paper and stuck it to the inside of the card.

The poem I used goes like this -
  • This is a very special gift that only you can see;
  • The reason it's so precious is
  • It's just to you from me.
  • Whenever you are lonely or ever feeling blue;
  • This gift is your reminder that
  • I'm always here for you.

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  1. So lovely! Love how all the elements came together.