Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: Tim Holtz Buzz at the NY Stationery Show

Tim Holtz Buzz at the NY Stationery Show

Hi bloggers!

The New York gift and stationery show is under way….. and while we don't attend, sometimes exciting cross-over products make their debut at the stationery shows. The big buzz right now is about Tim Holtz new venture into that market. On his blog, he unveiled a series of fantastic items all Tim Holtz fans are sure to love.

The collection is entitled "District Market" and will be available in stores in September. Yes, September is a long way to wait….. we know!

First up are 4 collections of note cards. These would make a great gift, or a nice jump-off point for cards. You can ink them up, distress them, add geegaws and doodads and make them your own.

Next are Matchbook Notepads and Spiral Journals. The small notepads are a stylish way to jot down little notes. Perfect for carrying in your purse. The Spiral Journals are very nice with their fabric covers. They come in 2 sizes, in sets of 3. We have not heard yet if they will also sell them singly….

Next is something I'm very excited about. I can think of a million possibilities for these fantastic burlap covered canvas panels! Mix and Match them to create a "quilted" wall hanging or use them singly as a message board. They can be used as a base for a collage masterpiece or on their own merit as a ready-made grungy wall hanging.

The last page of the product release features 2 items: Tissue Wrap (printed tissue you can use in a variety of ways), and tote bags. The tissue will come on a roll 12" wide by 9 yards. It's perfect for cutting, crumpling, gift-wrapping, collaging, etc…. and the totes are fabric, lined, and have zippered pockets! I'm not sure of the exact size yet, but I smell a new purse in my future!!!

As soon as we have more information, we will post it on our website and start taking pre-orders. As of today, we don't even have any pricing information yet….



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