Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: Copic Offerings

Expanding our Copic Offerings

Today, I'm excited to announce that we will soon be carrying a much wider selection of Copic proudcts.

Right now, we only stock the CIAO series (round barrel, 144 colors) which is a great starting point for most crafters. More and more, we have been receiving requests to carry the SKETCH series (larger oval barrel, over 340 colors).

As you can imagine, this is a huge investment! But we've done it. We should be receiving a gigantic shipment in about 10 days with ALL the Sketch colors!! This will mean a redesign of the Copic section on our website so we can direct you to the proper product. We will also have great tools for you such as instruction videos, color charts and storage options.

The other exciting news is that we have negotiated better pricing with Copic so that we can be competitive with other online retail sources. Our new Copic prices will be 25% off retail EVERY DAY on most Copic products (individual pens, refills, and pen sets). I'm so happy to be able to bring such a great discount to our customers. This new pricing will be effective as soon as we receive our shipment (around June 5th).

So be on the lookout for a full selection of over 340 colors of Copic Sketch markers (and all the matching refills) coming very shortly to our website!




  1. Awesome Fran!! Can't wait!! Thanks!

  2. This is great, all mine were ruined when we were moving from Arizona to Washington state They froze in the back of the truck. I am at a loss. Do we call you to order or do you have an on line ordering site.
    Hugs Cathy

  3. Reply to Cathy:
    You can call us to place an order. go to and you will see the phone number listed.
    We hope to have our new inventory by the end of next week.... but we can always take your order early and fill it when the merchandise arrives.