Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Family Is Mini-Book (Lis Whiting)

Family Is Mini-Book
by Lis Whiting

I love mini books.  When I saw the Family Is collection by BoBunny, I thought these papers would make a great little family mini book.  Here is how I made my little book.

I cut the pages for my mini book from the Family Is design. (I always like to lay out my book before I start decorating or gluing to make sure that what I have flows well.)  So, I chose the fronts and back of each page and turned the "pages" so I could see how it would look.  (I always make changes too!)

I wanted little pockets in my mini book so I used some of the Ask Dad (green side). I took a border punch and punched a design in the middle.  I used a matching corner punch on some other pieces. I attached my pockets with one glue dot at the bottom and eyelets on either side in gold. I decided to bind my book using a ribbon at the top left corner. I used distress ink to add some color to the edges of the pages.

To bind my book I punched a hole in the upper left corner of each page. I tied a double bow in my ribbon. I threaded both ends of the ribbon from the front to the back (the bow will not go through the hole) and then through a crown charm and then back through the hole to the front again. I left enough ribbon so that I could turn the pages easily. I ruffled the ribbon ends in the front and glued them down with glue dots.

Here is my little book again with all its pages!

Cover:  I thought the cameo was a nice touch.  Although it covers some of the words, its easy to know what the words are because they are familiar.

Pages 2 and 3:  I used a number of the stickers from the Family Is collection.  I also cut out a number of pieces from Happy, Me&Mine and Mischief.  The label on the left is adhered with mounting tape. I think these labels are great to use to mat family pictures in.

I really love pockets!  I love to tuck little things in them.

There are two great alphabets on the sticker sheet that I used.  I liked all the fun little sayings too!

This is my favorite page!  I know that everyone has sayings they remember their mom using.  So, I made a pocket and put some in. 

What is great about Happy (the Family Is sheet I used) is that there are blank bubbles.  I cut some of these out too.  That way I can write down some of my own mom's personal sayings to add to my book.

This is the back of my book. 

I sure hope you enjoyed my little book! This would be a great little book for a vacation, a birthday party or other family celebration.


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