Saturday, March 30, 2013

Plaid, Day 2, Part 2 (Lis Whiting)

We continue our plaid project with a couple of techniques and cards by Lis Whiting.

My Plaids
by Lis Whiting

Hi everyone!

Lis here with a technique for creating beautiful plaids with alcohol inks.  This is a Tim Holtz Technique; If you want to see variations, you can go to his blog and search for "alcohol ink plaid". My card was made by creating a plaid, stamping a balloon image, cutting it out, and adding it to my card front.

Use kromacoat white glossy cardstock (not photo paper or photo cardstock), cut to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 Place your cardstock on a craft mat. Pick out 2-3 alcohol ink colors (I recommend two light and one dark). Using your blending tool with a felt pad. Place a couple of drops of each alcohol ink on your felt tool. Be sure to add your inks in a line across the width of the tool. Place your tool on the paper and pull it from top to bottom. Turn your tool around, place it at the top again to color the next section, and pull down. The reason you turn your tool around is that this creates a wider single color bar. This is pleasing to the eye and provides some variety. Continue turning and dragging the tool until you have stripes running top to bottom on your paper. Turn your paper 90 degrees so that the stripes of color are now horizontal. Reink your tool as needed (same colors).

You have plaid! Now USE it!

There are lots of ways to use these plaid sheets. You can stamp on it (use Ranger Archival Ink- not Stazon ink as Stazon will react with the alcohol ink). You can cut shapes from your plaid sheets and add plaid embellishments to your cards.

Here is a little Easter card produced with a technique similar to the one above, but with bright colors. I die-cut the bunny from my plaid and added it to a card that I had embossed with an embossing folder.

I hope you enjoyed my plaid projects today!

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