Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Card (Sharon Jeffs)

Hot Air Balloon Card
by Sharon Jeffs

This year Ranger released a tool onto the market that is absolutely brilliant for creating a cloudy sky background.  This tool is called a Distress Marker Spritzer and works by attaching an uncapped marker into the cradle, tightening the locking screw and them squeezing the end.  This expels air that forces ink out of the markers tips and onto the surface of whatever you are pointing it at!

In playing with this rather cool tool, I made a background that reminded me of a cloudy sky and a perfect background for my hot air balloon card.

To create a background like mine, spritz three different blue colours randomly over some of the surface of the card.  Don't be too concerned about colouring every inch since lighter areas will appear cloudy!

Once finished, spritz the surface with a small amount of water to allow the colours to blend and mix.  

Finally, use a heat tool to dry the surface.  The inks will dry randomly across the surface, leaving white areas that look like clouds!


  1. Very cool process, will have to give that a try!��

  2. Beautiful vivid colors. Love the balloons. U need to do more paper-tearing. Thanks for sharing.