Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Pop-Up Card (Ann Greenspan)

Easter Pop-Up Card
by Ann Greenspan

Frantic Stamper has a set of 7 dies called Pop-Up Card Bases that allow you to make a pop-up card without having to manually cut the pop-up supports.

When I make a pop-up card, I like to work on the inside layer first then once that is done, adhere the inside to the actual card base.  The first thing I did was to adhere a blue and green panel for the inside of the card so it had a nice background.  Then I put the largest of the pop-up dies on the center where the normal fold line would be but didn't fold the card until after cutting this first die.

Use your fingers to reinforce the score lines that the die made for you.

I always try to remember to hold the object that will be attached to the pop-up area onto the card to be sure that when the card closes it won't stick outside the card.  You also want to be sure that the size of the pop-up die is the correct one for the embellishment that will be popped up.  I accidentally forgot to do this and when I placed a cloud  on the pop-up, you could see the white card base that would go behind the panel, so I ended up not using that pop-up space for that cloud.

Once the pop-ups are adhered to the card, you can decorate the inside and front.  Below is a side view of what the card looks like with the two pop-ups.

Now you can decorate the front of the card however you wish.  I chose to put a bunny and butterflies on mine:

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  1. This is totally cute. Those pop ups are amazing. :)

    Sar Tann