Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Storing Unmounted Stamps

Today we would like to offer some tips for storing unmounted stamps. FranticStamper carries a HUGE selection of unmounted stamps! There are rubber-only stamps from FranticStamper's own line of stamps, cling-mounted rubber from various manufacturers, and then there are all sorts of clear stamps as well! Be sure to check out the possibilities at FranticStamper.com.

Tip #1
I bought a Clip it up when they were all the rage and I use this to store my stamps. I then used all my Kaisercraft reusable pockets (their embellishments always come in them) to store the stamps in and hang them up with these in the Clip it up.

Tip #2
I store my cushion mounted stamps in three ring binders (4 inch ones!). The stamps are mounted on plastic storage sheets. I make a copy of the images on that sheet and place that over the stamps in a sheet protector. This way my stamp images are protected. The outside of the binder is labeled with the theme. The tabs list company and theme.

Tip #3
I store my cling mount rubber stamps in CD cases. I label the side of the case with manufacturer's information, and store the CD cases in a CD case by category (holidays, floral, sayings, miscellaneous, etc.)

(I know one of the stamps is upside down...it just fit better that way, and I have no trouble reading upside down. lol.)

Tip #4
Store unmounted rubber stamps or cling stamps on plastic sheet protectors with a piece of cardstock inserted inside for strength. I then store these inside of clear poly file envelopes, standing on a shelf. Each envelope is numbered.

Tip #5
Keep a log of all stamped images, categorized by subject. I include location of stamp, when I bought it, who made it, and even the cost.

Tip #6
Use sturdy clear plastic folios/envelopes to store stamps on a sheet protector inside. This protects the stamps from being knocked off of loose sheets or binder pages. You can stamp images on cardstock inside the sheet protector to show where the stamp belongs. Stand the folios on their sides on a book shelf. Label index at the end of the folio for easy identification. Be sure to stamp all images in a master log showing location of stamp. Stock up on folios when back to school supplies are on sale.

Tip #7
I store my clear stamps in Stufftainers™. I store them by category (holiday, floral, sayings, etc.) in cardboard magazine holders on a book shelf. I can usually store two larger stamp sets and two or three smaller ones in a single container (I do not mix manufacturers in a container). I put a piece of cheap cardstock in the container, and using double-sided tape, tape the plastic backing for the set to the cardstock. I glue the label information to the back of the cardstock so I know the sets' names. And then I use a small mailing label to add the manufacturer's name to the side of the container. Works great for me!

Please feel free to share YOUR tips for storing unmounted stamps or leave us a comment about our tips! We LOVE to hear from you.

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