Thursday, August 25, 2011

Technique Thursday: Getting the most out of your Copic Markers



Getting the most out of your Copic Markers

Today we don't have any videos for you, but we do have some tutorials. The folks at Copic have provided a wonderful page filled with all sorts of tips and techniques for using their markers to make your artwork spectacular. The page can be found at the Copic Marker web site, under tutorials.

This tutorial page has tons of information on blending colors and shading, perspective when drawing, and using hashing to add dimension. Fabulous information for beginners and advanced artists alike.

Some of the tutorials contain links to the blog of Marianne Walker, who is the product specialist/ product director for Copic Markers. Her blog, while technically not a part of the Copic site, contains a mountain of information, tutorials, and tips for getting the most out of your Copic Markers.

We hope that learning some more things about Copic markers will make you enough of a fan that you will consider purchasing Copic products from us at, where a wide selection of Copic Markers are available at great prices. Check out our Copic page and start your collection today!

Happy Thursday!

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