Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: Meet the Team (Part 3) - Ashley

Meet the Team (Part 3) - Ashley

Ashley has been with us at Frantic Stamper since September of 2009.  Her primary duties currently include taking phone orders, providing customer service and invoicing.  She loves to make sure our customers are happy with their orders and always goes above and beyond to please them.

At home, Ashley enjoys time with her 3 year old son Wesley and his proud daddy, Wes.  An Oregon native, she loves the outdoors, especially relaxing on the many regional lakes, camping and floating on the Rogue River.  She loves animals, especially spiders and bugs .  Always the prankster, Ashley is never the last to make us laugh!  We really enjoy having her around.

Please take a moment to say hi to Ashley!


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  1. What a pretty girl you are Ashley:) Now I know a face to your lovely voice when I talk to you from Victoria, B.C.! Thanks Fran for showcasing one of your wonderful Company Representatives!
    Denise Phillips