Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick, Clean, and Simple!

by Jane Larsson

Quick, Clean, and Simple!

I bet many of you are like me: in the middle of a hectic life. Sometimes we just don´t have an evening to spend making a card you need for someone’s special occasion. That doesn´t mean you have to go buy a card!

Today I made a card in five minutes, and that included the planning! I will tell you how I did it!

Items used: 3xBazzill cardstock, 1xpatterned paper, stamp, ink, embossing powder, fluid chalk, glue, button, stickers, paper cutter and a heat gun.

The size can be chosen by the stamp you use. I used 9901-O Timepieces from Fran’s plate #99 which is the size 4.25" x 4.50" so here is how I worked with this clean & simple card.

First I stamped on the patterned paper. I used Bo Bunny’s "Smoochable - Heart Strings" and put on the Embossing Powder and heated it up with my gun. Powder used: a shiny powder that has become one of my favorites: American Crafts Zing - Black with Opaque Finish.

Then I glued it on my first cardstock (I used the color brown, I like to get great contrasts. The second cardstock is red. And the third and last is black and the base (scored in the middle, size 10,25"x6" before I scored it) I chalked the edges and glued it all together. At last I glued on the text (alphabet stickers) and the button…

…TADA! All done! Quick, clean and simple!

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