Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Punch Storage

Design team members offered various tips for how they handle their punches. Here is what they had to offer:

The new slim-line punches have FABULOUS storage boxes available. but they also stack well, and stand up on a shelf well, even without the storage boxes! I am now buying my punches in this profile whenever I can!

I know my collection is big and always growing, but my stamping space is pretty limited. Storage is thus a really important issue for me. I use a rubbermaid over-the-door wire shelf system to store my mostly frequently used large punches. They are out of the way when I don't need them, but easy to access when I do!

I use a large tool box (similar to the one in the following photo) to store my smaller punches, with each drawer used for a different category (floral, geometric, holiday).

I use large Rubbermaid bins for my punches (yeah...I have a lot of punches). The punches are categorized by type such as borders or mega-fancy.

I keep all my holiday punches in bags. One for Christmas, one for Halloween. That way I can pull them out easily.

I use heavy-duty rubber bands on the handles of my punches to keep the punch in the closed position; they take up less room that way!

I use towel racks for my most often used punches. I mounted them to a wall near my work space, and put my punches on them. This worked great for the old-style punches and for Martha Stewart punches, but I not for the new slim-line of EK punches. Those, and my others punches, are stored in an Iris cart, categorized both by size and subject.

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  1. love the door organizer idea, will have to pick up one. it is a lot better than the overflowing basket I have on my shelf.