Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday: One-layer cards

One Layer Cards

Today we would like to offer some tips for creating single layer cards that are quick, simple, yet elegant and sophisticated.

Tip #1
Use a heavy-weight card-stock for your card. Without the extra layers to add stiffness, you will really need a quality heavy card.

Tip #2
Make sure whatever you use to color your card doesn't bleed through your card-stock. Test it on a scrap before using it on your final project!

Tip #3
The layout for a simple card is really important to the success of a single layer card. Consider using a card sketch for your layout, or create a quick prototype of your card before making your final card.

Tip #4
When using a bone folder to crease your card protect it with a sheet of typing bond so you won't leave behind a shine.

Tip #5
Create a faux-layer by dry embossing a border around the edges of the card.

Tip #6
You can also create a faux-layer by masking the borders and creating a colored area in the center area of the card, or by masking the center and coloring the borders.

Tip #7
Punching a small shape out of the card front can add interest to the front, especially if it results in contrast with the inside of the card.

Tip #8
Choice of color can make all the difference in the world in a one-layer card. Bold, bright primary colors can make a card really vibrant and modern. Pastel and monochromatic schemes can make cards look elegant and sophisticated. Since you have only one layer on which to make your statement, choose colors that enhance what you are trying to say!

Try making some one-layered cards sometime soon. Here are a couple of quick sketches to help you get started.


  1. I had some time to play around with stamps and these templates this weekend...on my blog:

    trying to grab some happy

  2. Great ideas! So glad I found you all!