Monday, April 01, 2013

Plaid, Day 4 (Kathy Berger)

Today we'd like to share some more plaids, again from Kathy Berger. She got just a bit carried away when we asked her to play and make some plaids...

More of My Plaids
by Kathy Berger

Dye Ink on an Acrylic Block

First I stamped a tan ink pad directly onto an acrylic block, covering the whole block with the tan ink. I then used the edge of a gray ink pad and stamped just that edge in intervals horizontally across the block, and then vertically across the block. I huffed on the block and then stamped the block onto a piece of white card stock.

I thought this plaid was too interesting to cover up, so I opted to use a large open sentiment so I would be able to see most of the plaid. It made a simple masculine birthday card just right for one of my three brothers.

Wide Copic Marker

To make this plaid I used a Y26 wide Copic marker to make swipes in both the horizontal and vertical direction. I then followed up with lines with the chisel tip of Copic Ciao markers in two shades of green, using the wide side of the chisel tip for the wider bands, and the narrow edge for the thinner lines.

Once again, I felt this plaid had a masculine feel, and made me think of a plaid shirt. That made me think of camping, so I decided to make a card with Riley the Moose on a camping trip.

Wide Line Stamp and Ink Pad Edge

This plaid started with some light green wide lines stamped with the widest of my Frantic Stamper line stamps. To that I added some red and darker green lines with the side edge of the ink pads dragged directly across the paper horizontally and vertically.

This paper took on a Christmasy feel to me, so I decided to use it to make a Christmas card using the Hero Arts die and stamp set, Reindeer. The snow was made with a Die-namics My Favorite Things die, Snow Drifts.

Rubber Bands on Acrylic Block

I placed a rubber band lengthwise on a long, narrow acrylic block and stamped with it in dark brown and gray inks. I then used my wide line stamp to stamp tan wide lines to finish the plaid.

The rubber band didn't stamp as cleanly as I had hoped, making this plaid a little less perfect than I had wanted, but I decided to see if I could use the best parts of the plaid, which were on the outer edges, to make a card.

I thought this plaid was a nicely masculine plaid, and a good fit with kraft card stock, so I opted to use it for another birthday card for yet another of my three brothers, the one who really prefers things understated. I think this simple card will do the trick.

Direct to Paper

I had some Adirondack mini-ink pads, so I decided to just swipe one across the paper to create my wide stripes. My narrower stripes were created with the side edge of the ink pad, also swiped across the pad.

This plaid was the last of my really masculine plaids. I thought it would be just right for the youngest of my brothers, the one who in his youth practically lived in the woods, hiking, camping, riding a mountain bike, rock climbing, fishing, and, yes, catching bull frogs. This quick card is just to let him know I am thinking of him.

Rainbow Ink Pad DTP

This plaid was made by dragging a raised rainbow ink pad directly across my paper, in both the vertical and horizontal directions. This bright and cheery plaid reminded me of Madras plaids of my youth. I thought that the bright colors were perfect for some artistic fall leaves.

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