Friday, February 11, 2011

“She Knows Peace” Page

by Sharon Jeffs

“She Knows Peace” Page



  • Trim the printing strip from the Playtime patterned paper and put it aside as this will be our background paper.

  • Tear the centre from the Vellum and roll the centre edges.

  • Tear out the centre section from the Back to school patterned paper and dampen the torn edges.
    Roll back the torn and dampened edges and set aside to dry thoroughly.

  • Cut out the shield design and floral edge from the Count your Blessings patterned paper.

  • Adhere the Vellum paper to the top of the Torn patterned paper, matching up the torn out centre.
    Adhere the shield to the top right edge of the Vellum and the floral edge to the bottom right corner edge.

  • Adhere the whole Vellum/patterned paper to the patterned paper from Step 1.

  • Trim the torn centre section of Patterned paper to create a journaling card that measures 4 inches by 5 inches.

  • Cut out and wrap a section of the Inch Tape Fabric ribbon around the base of the journaling card, knotting it at the front.

  • Add the vine to the top of the card so that it sits under the knot.

  • Tear off the top left corner of the journaling card and roll the edges.

  • Adhere the torn decorated tag to the bottom right of the page so that it overlaps the torn vellum and the background of the page.

  • Decorate the page as desired with stickers then add your preferred title using the alphabet stickers.

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  1. Really really nice layout. I love the mix of color and texture on this one!