Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Traveling Tips


Tips for Traveling with Your Paper Crafts

Tip #1
Prepare project components ahead of time and store them in zip lock baggies for traveling

Tip #2
I like to take small repetitive "assembly required" items with me such as: tea bag squares to fold, pre-stamped cards that just need coloring, pre-die cut rosettes that need assembling/folding, ribbon to make into ribbon flowers, etc.

Tip #3
Before leaving home, make several "wish you were here" cards with the theme of where you will be staying. You can also pre-address them, so all that's left to do while on vacation is write a personal note in each card!

Tip #4
Be on the lookout for unique items you can use as embellishments while on your trips. Examples: trip to the beach - find shell stores for tiny seashells; trip to the zoo - bring back a zoo map; trip to France - save metro tickets or museum brochures; trip to Vermont - gather maple leaves; trip to the moon (OK, maybe not)

Tip #5
I like to pick up picture postcards of places I visit to add to my scrapbook pages. I also save brochures and ticket stubs to add to a page.

Tip #6
Always have a basic stamping/art kit ready to go with you on a trip.

Tip #7
I like to take stamped images with me to color when I travel. Easy to carry in little space. The act of coloring seems to calm me also.

Tip #8
I like to take small pieces of card-stock and a black marker with me and draw doodle tangled images (sometimes called Zentangles, but I've been making these since elementary school in the 1960'a!) for backgrounds. The repetitive doodling is something I can do just about anywhere... I keep a piece of card-stock and a marker in my purse for those times when I have an unexpected wait.

Tip #9
I have a travel case for Copics that I fill with my 36 must have colors, and a lot of pre-stamped images for me to color. It really helps me to pass the long hours on an airplane when I travel, as well as filling those hours when I am awake and my traveling companions aren't. (Check back on Saturday for which colors made my list of must-have colors, and share your ideas, too.)

What are some of YOUR favorite travel tips for your papercraft and art? Please let us know by leaving us a comment; we would love to hear from you!

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