Friday, September 23, 2011

Mini Desk Set (Design Team Project)

by Kathy Berger

My daughter recently moved into a furnished victorian house for her third year of college. In lieu of a desk in her room she has a trundle sewing machine cabinet she plans to use. She really does most of her studying in the library, so this will really be just a place to do some quick homework or jot a note to a friend.

She really doesn't want to write directly on the antique wooden surface of the desk, though, so she wanted to have a blotter to use; however, all the commercially available blotters were far too big for her space. So, I made her a blotter, and added a few other pieces for a little desk set.

I used a can from french-fried onion rings to make a pencil holder, made a box for a small pad of paper, created a few matching pens out of translucent barrel pens, and made the blotter from a pad of watercolor paper.

All of the items were decorated with papers from the Authentique Blissful Collection, available at These papers were just perfect for this project. And my daughter loves it on her "desk"!

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