Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Using Envelopes Creatively

Tips for Using Envelopes Creatively

Tip #1
Seal an empty envelope. Cut it in half and now you have pockets!

Tip #2
Decorate your envelopes with pearl or shimmer sprays.

Tip #3
Stamp scenes on your envelopes before mailing.

Tip #4
My friend always uses the stamp she used for her card on the outside of her envelope to have a matched set.

Tip #5
Trim the envelope flap with decorative scissors before sealing to get a decorative edge.

Tip #6
Use envelopes glued together by their flaps to make accordion books.

Tip #7
Cut flaps off larger envelopes and glue them together at their centers. Add a cover to form an accordion holders to store your standard cards.

Tip #8
Line the flap of the envelope with paper to coordinate with your card.

Tip #9
Stamp across the bottom or the flap of the back envelope with a long stamp or a roller stamp. It will help to coordinate your card and envelope but won't interfere with postal processing.

Those are our tips for today. Do you have any creative tips for using envelopes to share? If so, please add to our list by leaving a comment. We would love to hear from you!

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