Thursday, December 15, 2011

technique Thursday: Imaginesce i-Top Brad Maker

by Sharon Jeffs

I-TOP Brad Maker

A few years ago Imaginisce released an amazing tool called the I-Top Brad maker. Since then the company has been releasing a variety of accessories to enhance the creativity of this amazing tool.

The I-Top Brad maker is easy to use and can create brads, magnets, buttons and badges in 16mm and 22mm sizes. An additional carriage purchased separately will enable you to also create items in a 28mm size.

Imaginisce also create punches to punch out the brad toppers so you don't need to hand cut each topper.

Rather than create a lengthy document explaining how to use the I-Top tool, this video from the Imaginisce site will show you how how simple it is to create your own brads.

If you prefer a smoother more rounded brad then try following this amazing tip to create perfect brads.

The great thing about this tool is that it can create so much more than just different sized brads. Currently Imaginisce stock kits to make –
Button Badges
You can find all of these for sale at the Frantic Stamper store at as well as this amazing tool and all its accessories.

The I-Top Brad Maker can be used with a variety of different material. Some of the materials I have used it with include –
Lightweight lace
plastic sheeting

Finally, I wanted to share some of the many projects that I have created using the I-Top tool.

Cherry Topped Cupcake Card

To make this card I drew a rough sketch of a cupcake onto some white card and cut it out. From this template, I created a base with a piece of folded card so that I could make it into the pocket piece and the topper from two scraps of patterned paper.

When you pull on the tab held in place by my brad, the top of my cupcake pulls up to reveal a secret message to the recipient of my card. 

Bobble Hair Ties

The button are made in exactly the same way, they just use a different looking daddy to complete the job. 

To create my hair tie I made my brad then sewed it to a strip of gathered tulle and sewed this to a hair tie. Finally I adhered in some feather to finish it.

Flower Centres

The brads make fantastic flower centres and when you use a different type of material then they really pop. I chose to cover mine in a piece of cotton lace, centring the pattern around the brad topper.

 Once made, all I had to do was push the prongs through the centre of my flower and voila!

Why don’t you try making button badges for your children to wear or even to add to a card as a milestone for the birthday person to wear at their party!! Or perhaps you are a bit like me and love anything to do with stationery and storage? Why don’t you try out the magnetic button and create fridge reminders that help to organise those notes we all love to store on our fridges!!

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