Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: Meet the 2012 Design Team (Linda Phinney)

Meet the 2012 Design Team (Linda Phinney)

My friends call me Phin or Phinner.
I'm also known by my (not so) secret superhero moniker,
If we met on the street, I’d probably start talking your ear off immediately!
(blah, blah, blah! LOL!)
I’ll tease you, A LOT, if we’re buddies.
I'm pretty direct.
I have a lot of energy and have a hard time sitting still.
I get distracted easily…
SQUIRREL!!! hee!!!
I’m a crazy perfectionist, and
I get on my own case way too often.

Its important to my well being that I have a Starbucks earl grey tea latte
I like to sweat by running and going to spin class.
I am obsessed with paranormal tv.
I like to wear glitter or black nail polish, exclusively.
I love my Mazdarati, ZooMZooM, and
I have conversations with my pet Siamese Fighting Fish, Newt (aka Buddy Buddy Fish Face.)

I’ve been playing with paint, glue, and paper, making messes for as long as I can remember…
I've been stamping since the early 80's,
and during college, I spent most of my textbook money on stamps and ink.
(Thanks Dad!!!)
I usually work in an 8"X10" space, most of my clothes have paint and glue on 'em.
Collage and mixed media, grunge, texture, and layering makes me really, really happy.
I like to make and trade ATCs.
I especially like to get mucky with gesso, I like sparkly things, and as far as I'm concerned, no work is complete unless it has a spattering of paint or spray ink!

Here are my DT entries:


  1. Yay, Linda or Phin or Phinner??? Ha! So proud of you, my friend! Your artwork is inspiring and always so detailed...seems there is always something to find in the details. Just amazing!

  2. I agree with Patricia - your details are always so awesome! Love the beads and the splatters and all the doodles! Beautiful! Congrats my friend!

  3. Your spazzy energy comes out in your writing and art, y'know!!

    Good--have fun!!