Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Non-crafty items for crafting...

Rather than our "traditional" tips, today we are just going to list some of our favorite non-crafty items that we have used on our altered items, scrapbook pages, cards, etc. We hope you will comment with YOUR favorites to add to our list!

1. Birthday Candles

2. Zippers

3. Broken wrist watch parts

4. Earrings who have lost their partner!

5. Paper clips come in tons of fun new shapes that make great embellishments for projects, and are functional, too!

6. Staples come in lots of fun colors (or can be colored with alcohol inks) and can be a fun accent.

7. Paint chips. Use as backgrounds; do art directly on them; run through die cut machine; etc.

8. Go to the garage or the hardware store - nuts, washers, fishing swivels, chain, springs, wire, metal flashing, knobs, etc. are all fun to use on your altered art!

9. Sandpaper is perfect for a beach scene.

10. Netting from bags of onions, burlap from potato sacks make great accents.

11. Drywall tape makes a great accent on a page or a card.

So what are YOUR favorite non-crafty items for use in your paper crafting?

1 comment:

  1. I like to take mail order catalogs, staple them together, and gesso them to use as a base for mixed media projects (canvass).

    It remains to be seen how long they will last b/c I assume they are not acid free!

    : .)