Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tip Template Tuesday: Winter Mitten

Winter Mitten

Today we'd like to share a template for a mitten that can be used to make an element on a scrapbook page, can be resized to make embellishments for a card, or can be used to make a card itself.

We hope that if you enjoy the template and make something using it, you will share with us.Send a photo of your creation to FranticStamperSketchPhotos@yahoo.com and we will upload it to our blog or share it on Facebook for you.


  1. I am creating Christmas stockings and mittens. will send you a photo when finished :)

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I’m excited to have this adorable mitten pattern. I just got a new scroll saw and might make mittens for Christmas gifts and go decorate my own home. If I decide to sell a finished product do I have your permission, as long as I don’t sell your pattern? Thank you.. this is so sweet and cute