Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Working With Vellum

Working With Vellum

Tip #1
Any ink will work on vellum, but most will need to heat set before working with the stamped image. Always make sure the ink is completely dry before moving onto another step.

Tip #2
StazOn Ink works especially well on vellum because it is designed for non-porous surfaces.

Tip #3
To prevent your vellum from warping while heat embossing, keep the heat gun moving and waving over the image you are heating.

Tip #4
Paper Piercing with a craft needle is a great technique to use on vellum. Any template you have for paper piercing on regular card stock will work, or purchase piercing templates that are made specifically for the art of paper piercing on vellum, sometimes called “Pergamano“. The results can be very dramatic!

Tip #5
Be careful not to “crease” your vellum, unless it is intentional. A crease will create a permanent white line on your paper that cannot be undone. The fact that creases turn white, though, is part of what makes embossing on vellum so beautiful.

Tip #6
Use a barrel shaped tool (like a pencil or skewer) to curl the ends of your vellum.

Tip #7
2-Way glue works well on vellum and does not show through. Any clear drying glue will work; however, be sure to use a very thin coat.

Tip #8
Vellum makes a great template to create stencils. The negative piece left from any shape you punch or die-cut becomes the perfect stencil.

Tip #9
Alcohol-based inks do work on vellum, but not in the same way as on porous papers since they don't soak in. Practice on scraps before coloring your project, especially if you want to blend colors!

Tip #10
Coloring vellum on the "wrong" or back side of your project gives a wonderful softly-colored image on the right side. Just be sure that whatever you are using to color doesn't warp the paper and that it is completely dry before you move on to your next step!

Tip #11
Vellum can be embossed with embossing folders with absolutely stunning results. However, care should be taken to prevent tearing the vellum. Emboss the vellum between two sheets of text-weight paper or lightweight card-stock. Experiment with your particular folder and die-cut machine with scraps before embossing your project.

Hope you will give vellum a try. FranticStamper currently carries a few beautiful printed vellums and has plans to add plain vellums to its many lines of wonderful papers, in the near future.

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