Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cowboy Charm Bracelet (Lis Whiting)

Cowboy Charm Bracelet
by Lis Whiting

YEEHAA! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

Today's project is a cute charm bracelet with icons that represent our cowboys - boots, hats and horse shoes!

These cute decorations were made using shrink plastic, Spectrum noir alcohol ink pens and Frantic Stamper Precision Dies, Cowboy Accessories- three die set (FRA-Die-09123).

I colored the dies with the alcohol ink pens; since this is alcohol ink, I didn't bother to sand the shrink plastic before I colored.

I had a little trouble shrinking my die cut pieces but I found that I needed to hold my heat gun over the individual die cut, 3-4 inches away, and heat the entire piece at once in order for it to turn out really well. (ed. Different brands of shrink plastic react differently and you may need to try different methods to find which works best for yours.)

Although I did use the alcohol ink pens before I heated my shrink plastic, I also used them for touch ups afterwards.

Once I finished the shrinking and coloring, I took some gold tone jump rings and used them to attach my charms to my bracelet. Note that I didn't punch any holes before shrinking; I just used the design features as my holes.

I really like the way the boots turned out.  The colors and the look of long wear really fit them!

I wanted something colorful on my bracelet so I chose to make the horseshoe blue.  The horseshoe didn't have any holes big enough to string a jump ring through so I wound some gold-tone wire around the horseshoe and created a loop to attach to my bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed my cowboy charm bracelet. Now go make one of your own!

*** Materials for this project are available at

Frantic Stamper Precision Dies Used:


  1. Very creative idea Lis! Looks really sharp!

  2. Thats a fantastic idea Lis, I love how colourful and bright they are. I get what you mean about the different types of shrink plastic as well, some just ruin small shapes while others do them complete justice!