Thursday, September 05, 2013

CAS Happy Birthday (Kathy Berger)

CAS Happy Birthday
by Kathy Berger

I really love elaborate cards that pop-up, flip, or spin. They are my favorite thing to try to make because I love the challenge involved in getting a piece of paper to do things other than just lie flat.

But I also love clean and simple cards and quick cards that have visual appeal to make them stand out. This clean and simple card uses a couple of tricks that made a couple of my tools even more versatile, and made this card POP, figuratively.

First, the banner was made using the medium flag die from Frantic Stamper's Precision Flag Trio! I die cut the flag from a rainbow of five different papers. The color against the white background gives this card much of its visual appeal.

I then stamped the "HAPPY" on the notched end of the flags. I created my banner by putting glue onto the top half of the back side of the flags, and then folding the flags over a small piece of cotton twine. I tied the twine off with little bows, and then I attached the banner to the card using glue dots.

That Flag Trio is such a versatile die set! Not only can the flags be used individually as flags, they can stacked to create different flag effects, or folded to create banners!

Once my banner was finished, all that was left to finish off the card was stamping a fun "Birthday" on the card. I found the perfect "Birthday" in a greeting set of clear stamps, but it had a "Happy" with it that I didn't want to stamp (my banner was "Happy" enough!) 

Since it was a clear stamp I was able to simply (and carefully) cut the stamp with scissors. I then stamped the "Birthday" that I wanted, leaving the "Happy" off my stamping block. This trick gives my stamp more versatility. I can stamp the two words individually, or line them up on the block in different layouts, such as stacked, offset, or aligned. I do this with a lot of simple sentiment stamps!

I hope you will give these tricks a try. Look at your dies and stamps differently; see what new ways you might find to use them with just a little creativity!


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  1. Really great suggestions and techniques! Elegant looking card!