Friday, August 23, 2013

Magazine Storage Box (Sharon Jeffs)

Magazine Storage Box
by Sharon Jeffs

One thing I seem to have amassed this year is tonnes of magazines, ones I can't bear to throw out because I love the ideas in them.  Thats why I decided to create a storage box to put them all in.

I began mine by finding an appropriate sized cardboard box that I cut to the right size then covered with patterned papers.

Along the front I added a strip of lace and ribbon, then I added a hinge to each of the front edges since I didn't wrap the ribbon all the way around the box and I wanted to hide the edges.

On the front I added various die cit frames that I created and inked.  At the very centre of these I placed a stamped panel that featured the awesome stamped image "Paris on the Mind" stamped over the top of the "French Newsprint" stamp.

To finish off my box I added a few Ideology embellishments as seen in the photo above. Finally, I added a ribbon bow to the right side of this panel with a wishbone added to the centre of this.

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  1. What a great idea, we all have so many magazines laying around! Love the design.....