Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel Tutorial (Ann Greenspan)

Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel Tutorial
by Ann Greenspan

The Frantic Stamper Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel cuts out both the frame with spokes attached to it and the stitched rays which go back into the frame, all in one swipe through the cutting machine.

Before you start making your card, decide on what colors of cardstock you will be using.  I normally cut the frame using a solid color of cardstock and then cut the rays with either pattern paper or different colored cardstock from what I used for the frame.  For my first card, I chose to use a solid black frame and dotted orange and dotted black dsp for the rays.  I am using a white card base to mount the frame on.

The 3 tools I use to make this card are a pair of tweezers, a paper piercer, and a glue pen.

I cut my solid black cardstock with the die.  To remove the paper from the die, poke the holes in the four corners on the back of the die.  This will lift the corner of the frame that has the spokes attached to it.  Carefully remove the frame with spokes, trying not to stretch the paper as you are pulling it out of the die.  This is critical that you gently pull the frame and spokes, trying not to bend or stretch the paper.  After your first card, you will easily get the hang of it.

After the frame is removed from the die, then remove the stitched rays and put them aside to use on another card we will make later.  I want to have dotted orange and dotted black rays on my card so now I need to cut a piece of each of those papers with the die.  After the cutting is done, this is what you will have (I put the black stitched rays aside already; they are not shown in this photo):

I won't be using the dotted orange or dotted black frames right now, so put them aside for the cards we will make later.

Before adhering anything on the first card, I like to place the stitched rays back into the frame to see how it will look.  Do not glue anything yet.

Put the leftover rays to a side for now so you don't get them mixed up with the rays that you have in the frame temporarily.  Now we have just our frame, card base and 12 rays to work with.

To adhere the black frame to the card base, use a glue pen and only apply glue to the four outer sides of the frame as indicated with the red dotted lines in the photo below.  Center it as best as you can on the white card base.   I  do NOT glue down the spokes or center circle.

Begin adhering the stitched rays back into the frame, using tweezers and a glue pen.  When adhering the rays, adhere the outer edge first, lining it up perfectly with the black frame.

Also, when adhering the rays, gently lift the black spokes of the frame so the spokes don't get glued under the rays, if needed.  This normally isn't needed.

After all the rays are adhered back into the frame, if the black spokes between the rays are sticking up, simply run your glue pen under them and press them down.  I rarely ever have to do this though.  It depends on if the frame stretched at all when it was being taken out of the die.

Embellish the center circle area however you want and finish off the card.  I used the Frantic Stamper Stitched Coved Labels to cover the center circle, then cut out the EEEK from the Scary Words set.  I then adhered two spiders and a bat from the Cute Halloween Icons set.

So now that your first card is done, what do you do with the two extra frames you have and all those extra rays?  Make more cards.  I used the frame from the orange dotted paper along with all of the solid black stitched rays to make my second card:

Then I used the black dotted frame that was left over along with the orange and black dotted rays to make a third and final card:

So, with just one die, three different colored pieces of cardstock, and three swipes through the die cutting machine, I was able to make three different cards, then added the embellishments.  Imagine if you wanted to have more than just two different colors of rays on your card.  You could use three different colors which yields even more cards.   Be careful though; this gets very addicting once you make the first card and have pieces left over to make more, and more and more.

*** Materials for this project available at www.franticstamper.com.

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  1. I just love your cards! They are so fun and creative! Thank you for sharing!