Thursday, March 26, 2020

Outerspace Hello

Outerspace Hello
by Kathy Berger

I wanted to make a special card for a friend who supported me with cards and cheery notes to help me get through some pretty rough times. I wanted to make sure it was a kinetic card of some sort because she had recently mentioned that she was thrilled to get the swinging monkey card I had made for her for Monkey Day, the first kinetic card I had sent to her in years of card exchanges. I knew I wanted to make sure I send her more cards that have some kind of fun paper engineering to them.

I had just received the new Lawn Fawn Magic Iris die (and both of its companion die sets, too) from the Frantic Stamper store and wanted to give it a try. I decided I would make a cute outerspace card with little aliens saying hello.

I used water-reactive inks to blend my outerspace backdrop and some water splatter to lift some of the color in order to add some interest. I used some slightly thinned white acrylic paint to splatter some bright spots to further add interest.

Once the backdrop was dry I diecut it with the Magic Iris Add-On. I made sure to reserve the circle piece that was cut from the center of the backdrop. I next diecut the Magic Iris parts as needed for assembling the mechanism (3 each of the sausage and the rings, 1 each of the rest) from white cardstock, and colored them with the same inks and process as I had with the backdrop, but using only the same color as the center circle of the backdrop that was cut out with the Add-On.

I assembled the Magic Iris parts, and then affixed them to a card base as shown in this tutorial:

And then the real fun began! I stamped, colored, and diecut the four little monsters, the banner, and the signs from the Monster Mash Up stamp set using the matching dies. I next stamped, colored, and diecut the moon from the The Final Frontier stamp set. I diecut the planet (and colored it), stars, and spiral from the Outer Space die set. And lastly, I diecut and colored the Flying Saucer.

I glued the circle that I had reserved from the Add-on into place inside the hole in the Magic Iris, and then glued the planet in the center of that. I added a computer-generated "Welcome to my world" sentiment strip to the center. I adhered the moon to the bottom of the Add-on panel, and then glued three of the little monsters (who make perfect aliens, don't you agree?) to the moon's surface. I hand-wrote "hello" and "hi" on the signs and put them in the monster's hands. I glued the fourth monster to the back side of the flying saucer so it looks like he is inside, and then adhered the saucer to the card. Lastly I added some stars and the spiral to the card.

I hope my friend liked the card, and that you do, too. I had so much fun making it!
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