Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketch Sunday: ATC #1

Today's sketch is for an ATC (but could probably also be used as a card sketch.) Consider using different textures to produce the various block elements of the sketch instead of colors. Try a monochrome color scheme, go for a bold primary scheme, or mix the two of them. Use narrow borders around each of the blocks to really make them pop, or let them almost blend into the background. Use patterned paper of various types, or use only plain papers.

Don't worry about the actual sizes of the rectangles; focus instead on their relative size and positions as you determine your design. Consider the three repeated dots simply as repeated design elements. They could be three eyelets or brads, some buttons, small stickers, or small stamped images. Think of the bold bright stars as any stamped image... and color them however you want. Stick with the color scheme of the rest of your ATC, or go in a different direction completely.

Take the sketch quite literally, or just use it as a starting point to do your own thing! This is your ATC, use your creativity!

Whatever you chose to do, the design team would love to see it! Upload a photo somewhere (Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) and then share a link with us in the comments. To share all you need to do is add the following codes to your comment, and then replace the word "link" with the actual link to your photo:

      <a href="link">My ATC</a>

Your comment will then contain the words "My ATC" which will link to your photo. The design team really looks forward to seeing your work!

Until the next time,


  1. Yay!!! Someone actually played along this time! Petit Fleur, I love your ATC!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you very much for your lovely comment! I really enjoyed making this ATC.

    I look forward to seeing your next publication sketh !


  3. What a cute ATC!! Thank you Isabelle for playing our new game. I hope you will enter our Easter Egg contest.

    (Merci Isabelle pour avoir joué notre petit jeu de sketch. Ta ATC est tres mignone! J'espère que tu participera à notre concours d'oeuf de paques)

  4. Thank you very much Fran! Yes, I well and truly participate in your contest 'Easter Egg'. My participation was already sent:) I look forward to seeing the results of the competition! :)

    (Dsl.. hihi, mon anglais est loin d'être parfait !)

  5. Nice idea. I love Petite's version of this game, I might join in if I can find some time to make one.