Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Fussy Cutting

Today the team would like to present some tips for Fussy Cutting, which is a name given to cutting with precision around stamped or printed items. There is a little skill involved in doing it well, and like anything else in life, is often better after some practice.

Tip #1
After cutting out your image, run a black marker (both alcohol and die works) along all the cut edges to "clean up" the appearance of your fussy cut image.

Tip #2
Don't try to cut single lines (i.e., like a balloon string). Stamp the image twice, once onto your cardstock panel, then stamp again onto a separate matching piece of cardstock scrap. Fussy cut the main part of the 2nd image, leaving off the balloon string, and adhere it over the image you stamped on your cardstock.

Tip #3
If you do want to fussy cut an image with a single line (i.e., like a balloon string) leave about a 1/16th white border around the entire image and pop the final cut out image. This gives an appearance of a faux chipboard piece.

Tip #4
Use the correct scissors for the job. Tiny fingernail trimming scissors for really tight, short cuts. Sharp scissor snips for smaill images (check out Cutter Honey Bee Scissors, EK-CB-06 , for $12.49. They are wonderful!)

Tip #5
Start the cut near the back of the scissor, apply constant pressure, and never cut all the way to the tip of the scissor. You will get a much more even and clean cut.

Tip #6
Moving the paper while cutting with the scissors is easier than moving the scissors while cutting with them. You will get a more exact cut around all the nooks and crannies.

Tip #7
Whenever possible cut INWARD on your image as opposed to cutting outward. The paper will not tear and corners will be sharper.

Tip #8
Use a razor knife and not scissors to cut any internal areas that you need to remove. Scissors will usually bend or tear the paper around the area. Make sure you have a SHARP blade when you cut the area, and always turn the project so the cut is being made toward you. Cut on a piece of glass or a self-healing mat to protect your surface.

Tip #9
I often buy an extra sheet of patterned paper so I can fussy cut some of the pattern and apply over my first sheet, raised with pop-dots, to add texture and interest. I also will often fussy cut some of the pattern to use as accents or borders on page elements.

We hope you will find some benefit in today's tips. We hope you will come back tomorrow when we will share some news from the Warehouse.


  1. Love the tips, and news from the warehouse!
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  2. Great tips for the newbie and reminders for the veterans. Thanks!

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