Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Frugal Papercrafting

Today the team would like to present some money-saving tips for your paper crafting. We hope you will enjoy them!

Tip #1
Shop thrift stores, dollar stores, garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, etc. for items to use for your projects. Check with print shops they will sometimes give you scraps.

Tip #2
Bargain bins at fabric stores are full of pieces of fabric, trims, ribbon, and buttons that can be used as backgrounds, embellishments, etc.

Tip #3
Check out bargain MORE bins. Check them out not only in the craft and fabric stores but, also, stores such as Target. You would be amazed at the items one can find to use for stamping projects. Items like erasers can be carved and stamped, pencil erasers stamp wonderful little dots and or rubber sink stoppers stamp perfect rings. Inexpensive stationary can be stamped on and embellished to become special. Coasters can be painted and stamped. Garden kneeling mats make a wonderful work surface for shaping paper flowers. Plastic place mats are terrific for protecting your stamping table from stray ink. Think outside the box!

Tip #4
Recycle cartons and packaging. Stamp on the unprinted side for a project; use to make templates from, use in a collage, etc. Not only will you be getting free materials to work with, but you'll be helping the environment, too!

Tip #5
Go through junk mail. It can be full of colorful paper, dark paper, backgrounds, etc. that can be incorporated into stamping projects. I especially love the bits of vellum or foils that occasionally appear in my mailbox.

Tip #6
Inquire at your local card shop after a major holiday if they have any leftover envelopes. Most shops will throw out the cards and envelopes after the holidays, and will be willing to share.

Tip #7
Use clean old rags in your stamping area. Cut up old sweatshirts for cleaning stamps. They can be thrown into the washer and used over and over again.

Tip #8
Buy white cardstock by the ream. Heavier weight cardstock can be found at office supply stores.

Tip #9
Check out the sale page at FranticStamper.com! There are always terrific sale prices on quality crafting items!

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