Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tips: Glitter

Today the team would like to present some tips about using glitter, a fun and inexpensive way to add a lot of shimmer and shine to your project.

Tip #1
There are a number of "grades" of glitter including coarse, fine, ultra fine and micro fine. In addition there are opaque, transluscent and even glow in the dark. Choose the right glitter for your project.

Tip #2
When using glitter it is best to work on something that does not produce or keep static. Examples are plastic. Martha Stewart has a great glitter tray that is made of cardboard. It doesnt get static-y when glittering and its easy to wipe out and use again.

Tip #3
The right glue helps with making sure your project comes out wonderfully. Choose a glue that thicker (not a paste) and has a little water in it for spreadability. Tacky Glue, Best Glue Ever and Martha Stewart glitter glue are good choices. They all dry clear.

Tip #4
Think about your background when glittering. This can change the look of your project: black vs white or colored cardstock can make the glitter brighter or darker looking (the cardstock shows through)

Tip #5
You can use a damp paper towel to easily wipe up stray glitter particles. The glitter will get caught in the weave of the towel.

Tip #6
Consider using transluscent or transparent glitter. Uses the same color as the cardstock for a unique and monochromatic look. Also, if using patterned paper, the pattern will show through.

Tip #7
An alternative to messy glitter is glitter glue (such as Stickles by Ranger). They work great for adding small highlights without fussing with glitter.

Tip #8
Use transparent glitters on acetate to make stained glass cards.

Tip #9
Before adding glitter to your project wipe over your paper with a dryer sheet or an anti-static bag like the Puff Static Away bag by Suze Wienberg. This will help you to shake off excess glitter without it sticking.

And speaking of glitter.... using glitter would be a GREAT way to decorate those Easter Eggs for our Easter Egg contest. The contest closes tomorrow night, so get those entries in!! Remember, all you need to do is send us a photograph of your egg to franticStamperContest@gmail.com. A prize package awaits the lucky winner!

See you tomorrow with news from the Warehouse!

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